Call for Papers

In collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Palermo

NooJ 2018 International Conference

Palermo (Italy)
20-22 JUN 2018

The University of Palermo (Dipartimento di Culture e Società), the ELLIAD Laboratory of the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and the NooJ association organize the NooJ 2018 International Conference in Palermo, Italy on June 20-22, 2018.


  • give NooJ users and researchers in Linguistics and in Computational Linguistics the opportunity to meet and share their experience as developers, researchers and teachers;
  • present to NooJ users the latest linguistic resources and NLP applications developed for/with NooJ, its latest functionalities, as well as its future developments;
  • offer researchers and graduate students two tutorials (one basic and one advanced) to help them parse corpora and build NLP applications using NooJ;
  • provide an occasion to present and discover the recent developments of NooJ itself (v5).


Linguistic resources: Typography, Spelling, Syllabification, Phonemic and Prosodic transcription, Morphology, Lexical Analysis, Local Syntax, Phrase-Structure Grammar, Dependency Grammar, Transformational Analysis, Paraphrase Generation, Semantic annotations, Semantic analysis, Description of rare and endangered languages.

Corpus processing: Corpus Linguistics, Information retrieval and extraction, Discourse Analysis, applications of NooJ in the Social Sciences.

NLP applications: text parsing, text generation, text annotation, paraphrase generation, Business Intelligence, Machine Translation.


We invite the submission of abstracts in English until January, 31st February, 8th, 2018. The abstracts should contain the title, name, institution and email of the author(s). Abstracts should not exceed one page (length between 300 and 600 words, references not included) and should be sent by email to All proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee and authors will be given notice of acceptance of their papers no later than March 15th, 2018.


January, 31st

February, 8th= Camera-ready abstract submission

February, 28th = Notification of acceptance

Conference registration is now OPEN. Early Date Registration (Fee discounted) before March 15th.


The camera-ready version of the accepted abstracts should be sent to in an open format (DOCX, ODT). All camera-ready abstracts will be in the NooJ 2018 Book of Abstracts. After the conference, the Program Committee will select a number of presented papers for publication in the “Communications in Computer and Information Science” series of Springer Verlag.

For any information contact